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Banking Basics

Just getting started? Here's what you need to take those first steps.


Checking Accounts

A tool to help you manage your money

  • Checking account features
  • How checking accounts work
  • Debit cards vs. credit cards
Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Great convenience, great responsibility

  • Credit card basics
  • Comparing credit card offers
  • Your consumer rights
  • Paying off your balance
Credit Score

Credit Scores and Reports

Credit scores show your financial wellness

  • How a credit score is calculated
  • Where you can find your credit score
  • How to protect your credit score
Mobile Banking

Mobile Payments

Convenient purchases and payments from your mobile device

  • Mobile payment technology
  • Different types of mobile payment
  • Responsible mobile payment strategies and methods


Managing your money is about not spending more than you have

  • Consequences of overdrawing on your account
  • Facts about unwanted overdraft fees
  • Tips on managing your account balances
Credit Cards

Prepaid Cards

Another form of payment that offers more flexibility

  • Facts about a prepaid card
  • Pros and cons of using a reloadable prepaid card
  • Fees associated with prepaid cards


Whether you're just starting to save or looking for ways to save more, we're here to help.



Manage your money and prepare for the future

  • Setting savings goals
  • Types of savings accounts
  • Smart saving habits to meet your financial needs

Build Emergency Savings

Saving money is easier said than done

  • Basic savings planning
  • Ways to start building savings
  • Where to keep your savings

Estate Planning

Big or small, everyone has an estate - protect it

  • Basic elements of an estate plan
  • Documents and processes involved in estate planning
  • Specialists who can help design and implement an estate plan

Retirement 101

56% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement

  • Tools to help you calculate how much money you’ll need for retirement
  • The power of time and compounding interest to grow your investments
  • Retirement plans and investment vehicles
  • Developing a plan that works for you

529 Plans

Sometimes scholarships and financial aid don't cover it all

  • Saving for higher education
  • Facts about a 529 plan
  • Tips on starting and using a 529 plan
Grad Cap

Financing Higher Education

Paying for college can feel tougher than actually going

  • Federal financial aid, grants and student loans
  • FAFSA filing process
  • Loan repayment and tax incentives


Looking to buy a new car or put a down payment on your first home? A loan can help you make that possible.

Vehicle Loan

Auto Loans

Considering buying a car? Unsure how to pay for it?

  • Financing options
  • Fixed and variable interest rates
  • Monthly payment calculations

Considering Homeownership

Benefits and costs associated with homeownership

  • Pros and cons of home ownership
  • Common costs associated with home ownership
  • Steps to get started with the home buying process


There's a lot to understand when it comes to mortgages

  • Mortgages costs and considerations
  • Different types of mortgages
  • Applying for a mortgage

Mortgage Relief

Know your options

  • Mortgage modification options
  • How late payments affect you
  • Delinquency, grace periods, and foreclosure

Tools & Tips

Check out these resources for more financial tools and tips

Tools Resources

Creating a Budget

Only 1/3 of Americans maintain a household budget

  • Track your monthly expenses
  • Better understand your spending
  • Adjust spending to reach financial goals

Identity Protection

dentity theft and consumer fraud can happen to anyone

  • Consumer fraud and identity theft
  • Prevention and protection tips
  • How to respond to identity theft


Life is unpredictable, understand the features and benefits

  • Types of policies
  • Common costs
  • Processing claims
Taxes 14


An annual process that everyone loves...

  • Types of taxes
  • Necessary tax forms
  • How taxes impact your paycheck

When to Collect Social Security

Income for after you retire

  • Defining full retirement age
  • Collecting benefits before, at, and after your full retirement age
  • Steps to implement when you’d like to start collecting benefits