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How Do I

Build and grow my savings

Get in the habit of saving, and learn to pay yourself first. Soon, you'll have the funds you need for that special purchase, vacation, or other goal!

Step 1: Set a goal and a budget

Whether you want to save for a new car, a dream vacation, or a down payment on a new home, the best time to start is now. Use our budget calculator to figure out how much you need to save each month to reach your goals.

Step 2: Find the right account

There are many different savings accounts to choose from – and we can match you up with the perfect one at Metro! Start with $5.00 to open a Membership Savings Account. If you have a specific savings need, consider our Christmas Club or Vacation Club Accounts. Looking to earn higher interest? Try My Reward Savings or a Money Market Account.

Step 3: Track your spending

Once you start to track your spending, you might be surprised to discover where your money goes. It's important to understand your spending behavior. Check your bank statements and look at receipts to make sure you're including even those little purchases. With MoneyView, Metro's money management tool, you'll get insight into all of your accounts to help you understand what you're spending and how you can be saving money.

Step 4: Maximize your savings

Increasing your existing savings rate by even 1% can yield big results.