Fraud Prevention

Your security is our priority. Please follow these safety tips to protect your account and help prevent fraud. If you believe your Metro account has been compromised, please report it immediately by contacting Metro at 877.MY.METRO (877.696.3876).

Helpful tips:
  • Set up security alerts in Online Banking to receive notifications when certain activities occur in your account, such as balance transaction alerts. *
  • Check your statements regularly. If your transaction history is inaccurate, your account may have been compromised.
  • When using the internet, only click on links you trust.
  • Be careful when sharing personal information. Do not share your information on the internet, over the phone, or through the mail unless you know the person you are in contact with, or you initiated the contact.
  • Create unique passwords and PINs that are difficult to guess. Avoid using easily identifiable passwords such as birthdays or maiden names.
  • Ensure your devices have the latest security updates and anti-virus definitions
If you receive an email claiming to be from Metro Credit Union, and suspect it is fraudulent, please report it by filling out this form.

Contact Member Services at 877.MY.METRO (877.696.3876) if you believe your account has been compromised.
*Metro Online Banking alerts are not sent in real time.