Education & Counseling Options

Homeownership education and counseling is available to individuals who are considering the purchase of a home or to qualified homeowners through the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative Program. The educational classes ensure that homebuyers or homeowners have a good understanding of their mortgage loan and the responsibilities of sustainable homeownership.

By participating in a first-time homebuyer counseling workshop, prospective buyers learn about the entire homebuying process, including how to deal with credit issues, working with a real estate agent, applying for a mortgage, and more. Participants may also be able to take advantage of special affordable mortgage products and other homebuyer services.

Click here for homebuyer counseling agencies that provide educational workshops and counseling to individuals and families interested in buying a home. These organizations have been awarded a "collaborative seal of approval", a designation by the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative indicating they meet the Collaborative's standards for comprehensive homebuyer education.

Some of the agencies also offer post-ownership workshops for people who want to learn more about maintaining homeownership, being a good landlord, and financing home improvements.

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