Tips for Your Home Search

Narrow down a home in your target area with these tips:

Look at how new homes in the area are maintained.
Are the homes fairly similar, or are some better maintained or recently remodeled?

Look for signs of community activity.
Are people doing what you like to do?

Look for signs of children.
Do you want to live in an area with many or with few children?

Look at the educational, religious and recreational facilities in the area.
Do the facilities meet your needs?

Make pre-purchase decisions.
Decide on the location you are interested in and determine your want and needs and what amenities are important to you.

Look at shopping, transportation and recreation.
How accessible are these areas?

Try to identify areas that appeal to you.
But keep your options open as you search for a home. Reserve your final judgement until you have thoroughly investigated that area.

Home Search Checklists