Visa® Transaction Alerts

Receive an alert whenever certain transactions happen on your card.

Visa® Transaction Alerts will notify you whenever certain transactions happen on your credit card based on parameters that you set yourself. This can be used to watch for a particular type of activity on your card(s) or to notify you of potentially unauthorized transactions.


  • Alert me when a purchase is made online or by phone
  • Alert me when a purchase meets or exceeds a certain amount
  • Alert me when my card is used outside the United States.



  1. Security: Get alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity

  2. Control: Track spending and stay on top of account balances

  3. Convenience: Adjust your alerts to what makes sense for you and receive them via SMS text or email.

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Disclosure: Actual time to receive Alerts powered by Visa dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Message and data rates may apply.  Additional restrictions apply.