Overdraft Protection

Sometimes mistakes happen — no matter how careful you are with your finances. With Metro's Overdraft Protection Plans, you can avoid the inconvenience of an overdrawn account and expensive overdraft charges.

Overdraft Line of Credit*

This is a revolving line of credit linked to your checking account that automatically covers overdrafts up to your available credit line.

• Low monthly payments – Pay down your balance via Online Banking, by mail, or at one of Metro's convenient branch locations.

• Optional automatic payment — Set it up and you'll never miss a monthly payment.

Apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit

*Annual Fee is $25.

Metro Sweep*

Use your Metro savings or other Metro checking account as overdraft protection for your primary checking account. If you overdraw your checking account and you have sufficient funds available in your designated account, we'll automatically transfer the funds to your checking account.

Contact us at 877.MY.METRO (877.696.3876).

*$5.00 fee applies to each transfer.

Courtesy Pay

Experience automatic convenience and peace of mind—because Courtesy Pay automatically protects your eligible checking account products accessed by paper check or electronic means (such as ACH). No sign-up, no opt-in.

Courtesy Pay covers check or ACH transactions* that otherwise would be returned for insufficient or unavailable funds.

Available to members who meet the criteria stated in Metro's Truth in Savings Disclosure.

Courtesy Pay Plus

Courtesy Pay Plus will offer all of the same benefits of our standard Courtesy Pay program, which is automatically available to members - plus coverage of ATM transactions and one time debit card transactions* from your checking account.

Although standard Courtesy Pay is automatic once you meet the criteria stated in the Truth in Savings Disclosure, you must opt-in to Courtesy Pay Plus.

Whether or not your overdraft(s) will be paid is discretionary, and we reserve the right not to pay your overdraft(s) if your account does not meet the Credit Union’s criteria for the service as outlined in the Truth in Savings Disclosure. When the Credit Union pays an overdraft, you agree to bring the account to a positive balance within 10 days. Accounts with a sustained negative balance may be subject to closure and reported to consumer reporting agencies. *Fees apply; see current Metro Fee Schedule.Fees charged for covering an overdraft, as well as the amount of the overdraft item(s) will be subtracted from your available Courtesy Pay limit.