Think of this as your ‘pay down your principal fast’ card. Bi-Weekly Mortgages are a smart way to manage your cash flow and make one extra mortgage payment each year. Saving you thousands in interest over the life of the loan.

How It Works

When you pay your mortgage monthly you make 12 payments each year. A bi-weekly mortgage gives you the option to pay half the monthly amount once every two weeks instead. In 52 weeks you’ll make 26 bi weekly payments – adding up to 13 monthly payments over the course of a year.

Loan Features

  • Pay half the monthly amount every two weeks
  • Make 26 bi-weekly payments a year—or 13 monthly payments instead of 12
  • The extra payment means you pay down your loan sooner
  • Build equity faster
  • Save thousands in interest over the life of the loan

Let us show you how much you could be saving.
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Subject to credit approval. Available for residences located in MA or southern NH.