Employee Benefits

Do you have Metro@work at work? If not, talk to your HR department (there's no charge to your company). Metro@work is the workplace benefit that goes beyond direct deposit, giving you access to knowledge that can make you more financially savvy. Here's a snapshot:

Pay yourself first with Metro@work.

"Pay yourself first" is the first rule of saving money—and Metro@work makes it easy. In addition to traditional direct deposit of your paycheck to your checking account, you may also automatically fund many of our savings accounts:

  • Vacation and Christmas Club Accounts—Put money aside for travel or gift-giving.

  • Money Market Accounts—Earn a higher rate of interest.

  • Individual Retirement Savings Plans—Build your retirement nest egg.

Boost your financial IQ with Metro@work.

Personal finance is more than just getting and spending. It's about setting goals, making plans and working to achieve your dreams.

When your workplace offers Metro@work, we'll make regular visits to present educational programs and "Lunch & Learn" seminars where you'll learn more about managing your money day-to-day, investing for the future, and planning for your later years.

Getting Started:

Open an account now, call 877.696.3876 to speak with a Member Service Representative, or mail in the paper application.