Metro's Saritin Rizzuto receives Community Social Capitalist Award from Community Group

CHELSEA, Mass. (May 23, 2013) – Metro Credit Union, which is poised to become the  Commonwealth’s largest state-chartered credit union, today congratulated  Community Relations & Business Development Officer Saritin Rizzuto on being  recognized as a “community social capitalist” by Social Capital, Inc. (SCI), a  Massachusetts-based nonprofit focused on building community thought civic  engagement and partnership.

Rizzuto was one of six recipients of the award  presented at the annual SCI Social Capitalist Lunch in April. She followed that  up earlier this month by serving as a panelist at SCI’s first-ever Social  Capital Forum, a discussion looking at how nonprofits, civic engagement and  social cohesion can boost the economy.   Rizzuto was  nominated by Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash and Stop and Compare Supermarkets, a  neighborhood supermarket chain serving the Hispanic and ethnic populations of  Boston and Providence, for her tireless dedication to community organizing and  building partnerships to benefit low income and emerging  populations.   “Metro Credit  Union could not be more proud of our own Saritin Rizzuto for receiving this  honor from Social Capital Inc.,” said Robert Cashman, Metro CU’s president and  CEO. “Every day, in every way, Saritin is a living example of Metro CU’s  organizational commitment to giving back to the communities that honor us with  their business.”  

Rizzuto began a  distinguished career in the nonprofit sector over twenty years ago working as a  peer leader for the public health department, with a goal of going into  communities with at-risk youth to educate them about violence prevention,  substance abuse and teen pregnancy. Since those early days, Rizzuto has been  “doing for others” in a variety of settings that reflect her passion and  commitment to improving the lives of others: as a teen health educator, an  advocate for the disabled, in support of AIDS advocacy and combating domestic  violence.   Rizzuto’s many  accomplishments have her in high demand as a community leader. She is a board  member of Casa Myrna, North Suffolk Mental Health, The East Boston Social  Center, The Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, Bunker Hill Community College Adult  Education Advisory Board. She’s a Past President of the Chelsea Rotary Club and  has successfully organized Latino businesses to join and have a voice in the  Chelsea Chamber of Commerce.  

About Social  Capital Inc.

Social Capital  Inc. (SCI) strengthens communities by connecting diverse individuals and  organizations through civic engagement initiatives. SCI envisions a nation where  individuals are strongly connected to their neighbors and play an active role in  shaping the destiny of their communities as safer, healthier and more vital to  the success of citizens.  SCI, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is currently  working on this mission and vision in eleven Massachusetts locations to  revitalize communities, improve schools, protect the environment, increase  access to health care, and much more.    SCI teaches that  today’s leaders must collaborate in this time of scarcity; leverage social  networks to connect with citizens that are stressed and stretched; and inspire  volunteerism to serve the community and the nation. 

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