You are in: Metro in the News / Lynn Public Schools, Metro Credit Union & Centerboard to develop innovative Financial Literacy Pilot Program
State Grants Providing Funding Support For Three-Year Implementation
 CHELSEA, Mass. (May 22, 2013) – Metro Credit Union, which is poised to become the Commonwealth’s largest state-chartered credit union, today announced it is collaborating with Lynn Public Schools and Centerboard, a non-profit organization focused on the revitalization of Lynn, Massachusetts, to develop and pilot what it expects to be an innovative financial literacy program. 
The program, which is being funded through a grant awarded by the offices of Massachusetts Treasurer Steven Grossman and Elementary & Secondary Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester, will be implemented at Lynn High School during the 2013-14 school year.
“With the rapid advancements of technology and the increased sophistication of personal finance and money management, it is critical that today’s students leave high school ready to apply personal financial literacy concepts easily and effectively,” said Charlene Bauer, Metro CU’s senior vice president of Community Relations and Business Development. “The Metro CU team that will partner with the Lynn Public Schools and Centrerboard is excited to develop a learning platform that can not only be easily be replicated in other high schools, but which can also benefit adult citizens in a lifelong learning setting.”
The Financial Literacy Pilot Program is a three-year initiative designed to help 10 “Gateway City” school districts equip high school students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make critical decisions about personal finances. The ultimate goal of the program is for the students to become empowered, self-supporting members of their communities.
About Centerboard
Centerboard, a nonprofit organization focused on the revitalization of Lynn, Massachusetts, is a strong, sustainable catalyst for change and development, focusing work on creating opportunities for residents and businesses while building community. Centerboard envisions Lynn as an urban center, which supports the entire region through a creative economy with safe and stable housing, jobs and schools for all residents.

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