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Remote Deposit FAQ's

Q. What is Remote Deposit?

A.  Remote Deposit is a convenient, secure and free service offered by Metro Credit Union. Using your Smart Phone or computer and scanner, you are able to take digital images of your checks and deposit them into your Metro Credit Union Account.

Q. How does Remote Deposit work?

A.  Remote Deposit gives Metro Credit Union members the ability to deposit a check into their account from a remote location without having to physically deliver the check to the credit union. This is accomplished by taking a picture with a smart phone, or scanning a digital image of a check into a computer, then transmitting that image using Remote Deposit. Remote Deposit allows the credit union to capture information from a check and process it electronically.

Q. How do I sign up for Remote Deposit?

A. Download the Metro Credit Union App to your smart phone and log in to your account with your current user name and password. Then select the “Deposit Checks” option from the main menu. Or you may log into your account through Online Banking from Metro’s Home Page. Under the Additional Services drop down menu, choose the Remote Deposit tab and follow the steps to register.

  • *Remote deposit capture is available for both Apple iPhone and Android smart phones/tablets through our Mobile App. Our Mobile App can be downloaded through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Q. What are the requirements to use Remote Deposit?

• Valid email address
• Metro Online Banking user
• Personal Accounts only

*If you are not a current online banking user, please contact our Member Service Center at (877) 696-3876 and a representative can assist you with accessing your account.

Q.  What are the hardware and software specification for Remote Deposit?

A. The program works with standard device drivers used for everything from desktop flatbed scanners and all-in-one devices to multi-feed duplex scanners.
• Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7+, or Vista with Internet Explorer 7+
• Windows XP or Vista, with Firefox 2+
• Mac OS X 10.6 with Safari 3+
• Most current or prior version of supported Firefox
• Mac OS X 10.6 with Firefox 2+
• Windows 7

Q.  What mobile devices can be used for Remote Deposit?


Apple's App Store
• iPhone (iPhone Classic, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5)

Google Play Store (i.e. Android)
• Smartphones with the Android 1.6 Operating System or greater
• Droid Tablet
• No "Small Screen" support, i.e. all but "QVGA" 240w x 320h are supported
• Metro Online Banking user

Q. What are the deposit limits?

A. Limit per deposit is $5,000.00
Limit per day is $5,000.00
(Limits noted are maximums. Individual limits may vary and will be disclosed in the deposit acceptance email you will receive upon acceptance into the program).

Q. Does the check need to be endorsed?

A. Yes, all checks should be signed and include the following on the back of the check:
• Payee signature
• For Mobile Deposit Only
• Account Number and Suffix
• on (MM/DD/YYYY)

Q. When will my funds be available?

When Metro Credit Union receives a check image (s) to review; we will ensure that everything is in order (no issues with the dollar amounts or MICR repairs needed) and release the item(s) for processing.  Once released by Metro Credit Union, you will be notified via email that your deposit has been accepted and it will be deposited during our noted business hours.  Deposits received before 4 pm on a business day will be credited the same day, deposits after 4 pm will be credited the next business day. Please refer to the funds availability disclosure for more information.

Q. How long should I hold onto the check(s) after I scan and deposit them?

You are required to store the original checks in a secure area, for 7 days after the deposit. After 7 days, you agree to destroy the original check(s).

Q. Are there any types of checks that cannot be submitted using Remote Deposit Capture?   

1) Any item that is stamped with a “non-negotiable” watermark.
2) Any item that contains evidence of alteration to the information on the check.
2) Any item issued by a financial institution in a foreign country.
4) Any item that is incomplete.
5) Any item that is “stale dated” or “post dated.” 
6)  Savings Bonds.
7) Third party checks.

Q.  How do I get help if encounter a problem?

A.  Remote Deposit is an easy-to-use, self-service product with built in “Help”.  Select “Help” for a detailed explanation and helpful hints and a short video explanation of each process step. You can also contact Metro Credit Union at 877-MY-METRO or by email at