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Switch to Metro Credit Union

Switching your checking account to Metro Credit Union in Massachusetts is easy!

We've done the work for you.
Simply click the links to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open a Metro Checking Account.

Metro has a checking account that's right for you.

Learn more about your checking account choices.

Step 2: Transfer direct deposits to Metro.

Simply complete the Direct Deposit Change Notice and send it to any company that is making direct deposits into your existing account. Use this notice for payroll, pension check, dividend checks, etc.

Step 3: Transfer Automatic Payments to Metro.

Complete the Automatic Payment Change Notice and send it to all creditors taking automatic payments from your checking account.

You're Done!

Once your last check has cleared and your automatic payments and direct deposits have been redirected to Metro, you can notify your previous institution to close your account and forward any remaining balance to your new Metro account.

About Metro Credit Union

Metro is one of the largest credit unions in Massachusetts, offering checking accounts as well as business accounts, investment accounts, and other financial services. Learn more about Metro Credit Union.
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