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Courtesy Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Courtesy Pay?

As a service to our members, all eligible checking account products accessed by paper check or electronic means (e.g., ACH) will automatically be extended a Courtesy Pay service once members have met the established criteria.

How does Courtesy Pay work?

Courtesy Pay is when Metro makes funds available to pay items that normally would be returned for insufficient or unavailable funds.  Standard Courtesy Pay will cover paper checks or ACH debits.  To cover ATM and one time debit card transactions, you must opt-in to Courtesy Pay Plus.

How do I get Courtesy Pay?

Standard Courtesy Pay is automatically extended to members once they have met the established criteria stated in the Truth in Savings Disclosure.  You must opt-in to Courtesy Pay Plus for coverage of ATM and one time debit card transactions.

What if I do not want Courtesy Pay?

You can choose to opt-out of Courtesy Pay.

Can Courtesy Pay be taken away?

If you do not meet the conditions stated in the Truth in Savings Disclosure or abuse this privilege, we may withhold or terminate the Courtesy Pay service privilege without notification.

Are there other Overdraft Protection options?

Yes. Metro Sweep allows you to link a savings or other Metro checking account as overdraft protection.  Metro also offers an Overdraft Line of Credit that automatically covers the amount of overdrafts up to your available credit line.