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Overdraft Protection Plans


Eliminate the hassle and expense of bounced checks with Overdraft Protection.         

To help protect you from the embarrassment and expense of overdrafts, Metro Credit Union
is pleased to offer Overdraft Protection*. You can choose from the following options:

Overdraft Line of Credit

A line of credit attached to your checking account that automatically covers
the amount of overdrafts up to your available credit line. Interest is charged
only when you use your line of credit.

  • Low monthly payments – make payment via Online Banking, or at one of
    our convenient branch locations
  • Optional automatic payment is also available

Metro Sweep

Link a savings or other Metro checking account as overdraft protection for your
checking. If your checking account becomes overdrawn and you have
sufficient funds available in your designated account, the funds will
be automatically transferred to your checking account.

This will ensure that your payments are made, and it saves you costly overdraft
charges. In the event of an overdraft, there is a nominal fee to transfer
money from your designated account.

Contact us at 877-696-3876 or by email to apply.

* Annual Fee: $25