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Our Promise

President & CEO
Robert M. Cashman
President & CEO

Our brand promise is simple, to help individuals and businesses in our community achieve financial wellness. How do we do this?

We are committed to financial education. Whether it's simple tips to help you better manage your finances or seminars and programs designed to help you navigate more complicated financial situations, we want to ensure that you have the right advice, guidance and resources to make smart financial decisions.

As a credit union, we provide products and services that are affordable and flexible. We partner with affordable housing organizations across the state to ensure that every prospective homebuyer has access to as many resources as possible to realize their dream of homeownership.

We have genuine member focus. All of our guidance and services are delivered through engaged employees. They listen to members first, understand their specific situation and provide the solutions that best fit the needs of the individual or business. There are no pre-packaged solutions.

At Metro you truly get the best of both worlds. The affordable and convenient products you need to manage your finances with personalized service only a local credit union can deliver.